Mental Health Safeguarding in Schools: how has it changed?

In order to develop our understanding of mental health safeguarding, we spoke to Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist Dr Angela Evans. She has noted the increase in discussion between adults and young people about mental health, enabling them to know how to name and recognise any mental health issues that they might have. She explained that despite this improvement, the mental health sector is still severely underfunded.

New Beginnings From Indonesia: Pursuing a Master’s and Discovering What Matters

“After completing my undergraduate studies, I had the opportunity to go back to school and pursue a master’s degree at the University of Sussex. This “new beginning” provided me with new routines, new opportunities, new challenges, new perspectives, new habits, new places, new people and many more things that I am yet to discover. However, instead of giving me more qualifications, doing a master’s has led me to find more meaning in simplicity.”